The Open and Interoperable Proximity Beacon Specification

The Specification

The full technical details for the AltBeacon specification.

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Open and Interoperable

Available to everybody and every type of device.


How can I provide comments?

Comments are welcome, simply create an issue on GitHub.

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Why AltBeacon?

Because there is no open and interoperable specification for proximity beacons, Radius Networks has authored the AltBeacon specification as a proposal for how to solve this problem.

We firmly believe that an open specification would help everyone, and we want to do it right. This is simply the proposal, now we would like feedback from the community.

What is AltBeacon?

  • The AltBeacon specification defines the format of the advertisement message that Bluetooth Low Energy proximity beacons broadcast.
  • The AltBeacon specification is intended to create an open, competitive market for proximity beacon implementations.
  • The AltBeacon specification is free for all to implement, with no royalty or fees.
  • AltBeacon does not favor one vendor over another for any reason other than the technical standards compliance of a vendor's implementation.